FINAL FANTASY 11 Fitting Room・Configuration
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Race and Jobs as default
Race Main job Sub job
Setting your favorite race and jobs, you will see them as default on the main page.
FF11 Fitting Room
The lower limit of selectable equipments
You can set the lower limit of the level of selectable gears on the main page.
Reducing options, selector will be clearer and faster.
Augmented items are NOT affected by this setting.
Note: As an exception, "Rajas Ring" is NOT affected by this setting, because of its usefullness for high level players.
FF11 Fitting Room
The order of gears in Select menu
You can set the order of gears in Select menu on the main page. In the initial state, gears are in ascending order of their level.
Setting "Descending order", they are modified in descending order.
FF11 Fitting Room